Who We Are

It may be an overstatement to call ourselves MouseJ Team or even using the pronoun "We", because the Team consists of only one person (it's me writing this paragraph). However, I did get support from numerous people thoughout the development of this software, who will be acknowledged later in the section.

We are scientists who are motivated to contribute resources for the scientific community, especially in the field of research that use rodents as the model organism. Rodents are extremely difficult to organize and maintain, as they may require different living environment at different developmental stages. Furthermore, in most laboratories, they are housed at a separate facility under animal laws and regulations, so researchers cannot readily fetch the most updated information.

This is why MouseJ was born. It is a revolutionary innovation in the market of colony management software. First, most commercial softwares are not free, requiring additional expenses. Second, most software aims to handle every details about mouse colonies, thus creating unnecessarily complex user interface and unmanageable amount of data. Third, most software has a spreadsheet-based interface and is not easy to use. MouseJ aims to resolve all these shortcomings. It is free, maintains only the "core information" about mice, and has a graphics-based user interface.

About Author

I am the programmer and designer for MouseJ. I earned my B.A. degree with summa cum laude in 2015, and M.Eng. in 2018, both at Cornell University. I became interested in technological applications because of my exposure to both software development and biomedical sciences. I am currently a Siri developer at Apple and like to contribute to the scientific and clinical community with my technical skills.


We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Kathie Zhang1 for designing our team logo. We would also like to thank all the α testers, Stefanie Giera, Tao Li, Mayumi Okamoto, Chun Chien, and Hui Ji, for testing the software and giving us feedback.